What is the Cartoonist Cooperative Donation Drive?

This is a hub for Cartoonist Cooperative artists coordinating donations of E-Sims with their international followers to aid in #ConnectingGaza.

Donate an e-Sim to someone in Palestine and get art from one of the Cartoonist Co-Op cartoonists in exchange.

The #ConnectingGaza campaign supplies E-Sims to people on the ground in Gaza, allowing them to circumvent internet disruption/blackout during the siege and continue connecting with the wider internet.

Artists will be offering art in exchange of the value of the donated e-SIMs.

How do I donate an e-Sim?

  1. Purchase

Purchase any of the e-SIM plans from

  1. Donate

Forward the QR code (a CLEAR screenshot or the email containing the QR code) to [email protected]